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We believe in creating zero waste whenever possible. We conserve and reuse our wax during production of our candles, making sure very little does not ultimately get used. We also use all recycled products for our shipping containers and  product boxes. This all helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our candle wax is long lasting and will not spoil when stored correctly, ensuring they do not go to waste.

Zero Waste

Here at Kelly’s Candles we support sustainable manufacturing and business practices. All of our products are made from natural and biodegradable materials, from our waxes down to our packing and shipping containers.

We also work with companies that ensure we are building towards a sustainable future. All of our production is done by hand, and therefore has no need for the use of chemicals associated with automated production.


Everything we use in the production and distribution of our product can be reused. The boxes are recyclable and the containers for our candles may be repurposed after the candle is consumed. We use all natural waxes with no added chemicals so that they are always non toxic and perfectly safe for use. We also take care to reuse any wax spillage so that none of it goes to waste. All of our candles may be burned all the way down, including our decorative designs.


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